What Does A Scholarship Cost For a High School Lacrosse Player?

Getting that scholarship to play Division I. It’s the dream for a lot of athletes playing sports. But what is the reality? There are a lot of factors that go into earning that scholarship, and your play on the high school lacrosse field is just one part. College coaches look at grades, community involvement, character and more when… Read More »

Podcast: Scholarships by the Numbers

This week on the LaxRecords.com Podcast, I talk with Patrick O’Rourke, founder of ScholarshipStats.com. Over the course of the podcast we discuss the odds of players receiving a scholarship, what coaches look for when deciding whether to offer a scholarship and what players can do to improve their chances. NCAA Division I men’s Lacrosse teams have an average… Read More »

What is the Role of Club Lacrosse in Recruiting?

Today’s podcast is a rebroadcast of a Google Hangout I did with Casey O’Neil (Gonzaga), Tom Peace (TopLaxRecruits.com), Lee Southern (NJ Riot) and Jono Zissi (Torrey Pines) in 2013. Over the course of the podcast, we discuss how club lacrosse has helped players get noticed earlier and how that role has grown. I have the original YouTube video… Read More »

John Isaf Podcast: “Can You Dodge in a Phone Booth?”

Current Medfield (Massachusetts) high school lacrosse head coach John Isaf spoke with LaxRecords.com in Episode 4 of the podcast. We covered several topics, including what he looks for in players when they’re trying out for the Medfield high school lacrosse program. “If someone has speed, we see that and we know we can put them in the right position to… Read More »

Improve Your Lacrosse Game With Rick Brocato

Current St. Paul’s (Brooklandville, Md.) high school lacrosse head coach Rick Brocato spoke with LaxRecords.com in Episode 3 of the podcast. Among the topics discussed are what skills does it take to improve your lacrosse game, differences between a junior varsity and varsity player and what players can do to take their game to the next level today.… Read More »

3 Mistakes Lacrosse Players Make

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s part of being human, but making the big mistakes at the wrong time can be the difference between being in the lineup or being on the bench. What are some of the biggest mistakes high school lacrosse coaches see players make? Read and don’t repeat. Related: 5 Tips to Be a Better Lacrosse Player… Read More »

Five Tips To Be A Better Lacrosse Player

You want to play on your high school lacrosse team. Where do you start? Maybe you’ve had a lacrosse stick in your hand since you could walk. Or maybe you found the game in middle school or during your freshman year of high school and feel in love with the sport. No matter what stage your are in… Read More »

Stickers Giveaway Winners Announced

To celebrate the new LaxRecords.com logo, I gave away stickers over the course of a week. There were several ways to earn an entry, including following @LaxRecords on Twitter or heading over to the Facebook page. I’ll be contacting each of the winners, but if you see your name here and haven’t heard from me yet, contact me. Simulate… Read More »

Three of the Best Ohio Lacrosse Players I’ve Seen

As part of this week’s series: The Best Players I’ve Seen, John Tallman from OhioBoysLax.com shares three of the best Ohio lacrosse players he’s seen in person. See where these players ranked all-time in Ohio on the state’s Best Known Records page. Related: The 5 Best I’ve Seen | The 10 Best Michigan Players I’ve Seen | The… Read More »